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Education WEEk
VOL. 38, NO. 10 * OCTOBER 24, 2018

Citizen Z:


Americans are increasingly polarized and
public distrust in government is at record
levels. What if the inability of Americans to
agree on our shared history-and the right
way to teach it-is a cause of our current
polarization rather than a symptom?
See Stories, Page 12-15


Storms' Hard Hit

Teachers' Campaign Ads

New Wrinkles in State Testing

Hurricanes strike deep blow to schools' finances in
Florida and North Carolina as districts haggle over
insurance and cope with lost enrollment. > PAGE 15

With students watching, teachers running for
office this season weigh whether to go negative
while campaigning. > PAGE 17

Many states are going their own way in the quest
for alternatives to fill-in-the-bubble tests, but are
cool to a pilot program that aims to help. > PAGE 17

Illustration by Stephanie Shafer for Education Week

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