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EDUCATION WEEK n JUNE 12, 2013 41 n COMMENTARY ONLINE n Deborah Meier and Michael J. Petrilli take a closer look at the impact of student poverty on schools and debate the best educational responses to it. Find out what they have to say about testing, teaching, and how to measure what students have learned. n “Is the Tea Party Right About the Common Core?” Anthony Cody recently posed this question in his Living in Dialogue blog. Read his and his readers’ thoughts. teaparty-post n Walt Gardner kicks off a series on summer must-reads in BookMarks. gardner-post n Education Week begins a four-week print publishing hiatus after this issue. Follow Commentary online for Webonly opinion pieces and blogs during the break. commentary n Follow Commentary on Facebook. www.facebook. com/edweekcomm n Follow Commentary on Twitter. @EdweekComm PRESIDENT & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Virginia B. Edwards EXECUTIVE EDITOR Gregory Chronister MANAGING EDITORS Karen Diegmueller, Kathleen Kennedy Manzo ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITORS Mark W. Bomster, Kevin C. Bushweller, Debra Viadero COMMENTARY EDITOR Elizabeth Rich DEPUTY COMMENTARY EDITOR Mary-Ellen Phelps Deily ASSISTANT EDITORS Sean Cavanagh, Catherine Gewertz, Michele McNeil, Erik W. Robelen, Stephen Sawchuk STAFF WRITERS Katie Ash, Alyson Klein, Lesli A. Maxwell, Christina A. Samuels, Nirvi Shah, Sarah D. Sparks, Andrew Ujifusa, Jaclyn Zubrzycki CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Caralee Adams, Julie Blair, Diette Courrégé Casey, Michelle R. Davis, Nora Fleming, Michele Molnar, Mark Walsh COMMENTARY ASSOCIATE Catherine A. Cardno EDITORIAL INTERNS Sean Meehan, Morgan Miller, Ariel Mond, Alyssa Morones, Ellen Wexler DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMMING, LIVE AND VIRTUAL EVENTS Matthew Cibellis EVENTS PROGRAMMING ASSOCIATE Anne Verghese EVENTS INTERN Cameron Schuette LETTERS to the EDITOR STEM Preparation, Career Link Overstated To the Editor: A recent post in the College Bound blog on reported: “High school students are being told to take more rigorous math and science courses if they want to be prepared for college and get lucrative jobs in STEM careers” (“High School Students Taking More Math and Science Courses,” May 23, 2013). Will taking more rigorous math and science courses lead to lucrative jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, careers? Maybe not. Published data suggest that American students are taking more math and science than the economy needs. According to the blog post, in 2009, nearly 16 percent of high school seniors had taken calculus, but according to a 2010 study completed by Michael Handel of Northeastern University, only 5 percent of new jobs require calculus. Rutgers University professor Hal Salzman concluded in 2007 that there are approximately three qualified graduates annually for each science or technical opening. Recent studies have also shown the United States is producing more Ph.D.s in science than the market can absorb. Why are we promoting STEM preparation so vigorously? Stephen Krashen Professor Emeritus Rossier School of Education University of Southern California Los Angeles, Calif. Send to LETTERS SHOULD BE AS BRIEF AS POSSIBLE, WITH A MAXIMUM LENGTH OF 300 WORDS. WEBCOMMENT of the WEEK “If this country wants to get serious about ending poverty, it has to recognize schools alone cannot do the job.” —Monty Neill, responding to “What We Talk About When We Talk About Poverty” by Michael J. 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Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Education Week - June 12, 2013

Education Week - June 12, 2013
DIGITAL DIRECTIONS: Obama Plan Champions E-Rate Fixes
States Seek Flexibility on Testing
FOCUS ON: SCHOOL LEADERS: Chicago Initiative Aims to Upgrade Principal Pipeline
Questions Arise About Algebra 2 For All Students
Year-End Exams Add Urgency to Teaching
News in Brief
Report Roundup
Race on to Ready N.Y.C. Teacher Reviews
Districts Turning Summer School Into Learning Labs
Preschools Aim to Better Equip Low-Income Parents
After Early Progress, SIG School Struggles To Improve
Progress, Persistence Seen in Latest Data on Bullying
INDUSTRY & INNOVATION: ‘MOOC’ Plan Could Spawn Dual-Enrollment Courses
Virginia Joins Ranks of States Creating State-Run Districts
Blogs of the Week
NCLB Bills Split Over Federal Role in K-12
Policy Brief
States Fold Teaching Into Preschool Rating Factors
Peer Review Quietly Put On Hold For State Assessment Systems
State Opposition Jeopardizes Common-Core Future
OP EDUCATION: Are New Teachers Ready to Teach?
EDWARD CROWE, MICHAEL ALLEN, & CHARLES COBLE: A Good Time for Progress in Teacher Prep
JULIE GORLEWSKI: Teaching Toward Utopia
TopSchoolJobs Recruitment Marketplace
OTIS KRIEGEL: ‘You’ll Get the Hang of It’

Education Week - June 12, 2013