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Education WEEk VOL. 32, NO. 20 • FEBRUARY 6, 2013 ▲ AM E R ICAN E DUCATION’S N EWS PAPE R OF R ECOR D • © 2013 Editorial Projects in Education • $4 BREAKING NEWS DAILY ADVERTISEMENT Reinventing schools for the 21st century Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski rightly identify student disengagement as the central cause of our nation’s dropout crisis. Their solution—‘leaving to learn’—connects education to the real world of life and work, creating highly engaged learners in the process. Their strategy— redesigning schools in fundamental ways— is made understandable by this vivid and compelling account. —Linda Darling-Hammond Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education at Stanford University How Out-of-School Learning Increases Student Engagement and Reduces Dropout Rates Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski Leaving to Learn I sn’t it time to offer adolescents a pathway to success in school that’s proven to inspire and motivate kids to keep on learning? Isn’t it time to try more innovative ways to address the challenges of our nation’s dropout rate? We can keep kids in school and prepare them for life after graduation by delivering authentic learning experiences that matter to them. The first step is taking down the barriers between school and the outside world. The first step is letting them leave, to learn. Grades 6-12 / 978-0-325-04604-4 / 2013 / 184pp / $20.00 PHOTOGRAPHER: RODNEY DAVIS TAKEN ABOARD THE USS MIDWAY, SAN DIEGO We have a bold strategy for revitalizing schools and for graduating and preparing young people for success in their future learning and work. This ‘leaving to learn’ strategy is driven by our image of that future. Our goal is not merely to graduate every student but to prepare graduates who are uncommonly ready for success in their workplaces, their families, and their communities. —Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski Visit the Leaving to Learn website at WEB • CALL 800.225.5800 @HeinemannPub

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Education Week - February 6, 2013
High Ratings for Teachers Are Still Seen
Standards Draw Heat in States
Focus On: Literacy: Studies Find Vocabulary Instruction Is Falling Short
News in Brief
Report Roundup
States ‘Operating in the Dark’ on Principals, Study Says
Boston Reconsidering Student Assignments
Teachers in Spotlight Over Testing Boycott
More Students Consider STEM Careers, Study Says
Digital Directions: Virtual Educators Critique the Value of MOOCs for K-12
Industry & Innovation
Blogs of the Week
Race to Top Winners See Progress, Hurdles
Top K-12 Leader in Congress Sets Departure Date
Policy Brief
Duncan Gets Earful on How Agenda Plays in Districts
Fresh Momentum Seen in Immigration-Policy Debate
State of the States
Eric A. Hanushek: Why Educators’ Wages Must Be Revamped
Thomas Armstrong: The New Diversity in Education
Marc D. Hauser: Confronting Pop Culture Head-On
From the Web
Topschooljobs Recruitment Marketplace
Frank D. Lomonte: A Muzzled Generation

Education Week - February 6, 2013