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Liebman’s Commentary “Ending the Great School Wars” (Dec. 12, 2012): The Measures of Effective Teaching Project found, “Across all [five] instruments, raters rarely found highly accomplished practice for the competencies often associated with the intent to teach students higher-order thinking skills.” A related met report found that teachers scored low on “analysis and problem-solving” and “student participation in making meaning and reasoning.” Another report, by the Consortium on Chicago School Research, found similar results, and as reported in the Teacher Beat blog on edweek. org (Feb. 9, 2012), the findings “highlight some fairly consistent weaknesses in instruction and raise big question marks for teacher and leadership preparation,” particularly in light of the Common Core State Standards. Therefore, based on these reports and others, and generally poor student achievement, it is absurd for Mr. Liebman to argue, “This fight is ... not about public school pedagogy or curriculum,” when it manifestly is the case. Mr. Liebman is not only on the wrong battlefield, he is in the wrong war. There is a pedagogy and curriculum issue, but it rests squarely in schools of education and other organizations engaged in teacher preparation. When showing their teachercandidates how to engage new and revisited subject matter, teacher-educators must change their reliance on rote-inducing, literacy-defeating serialism to one that employs and promotes explicit analytic thinking, reading, and writing strategies. Only then will teachers be able to overcome the poor preparation they now receive and thereby take possession of their own profession. Victor P Maiorana . President The Human Knowome Institute Deer Park, N.Y. Public Housing, Education Are Intertwined To the Editor: The article “Study Finds Housing Aid No Path to Better Education” (Dec. 5, 2012) reported on something that is highly consequential to teaching and learning: concentrated poverty. Policymakers ought to realize that there is a connection between schooling and public housing assistance. Indeed, all children require safe and reliable housing, but they need good schools, too. The reality is that segregated housing continues to lead to segregated schools. Meanwhile, wealthier families do not want poorer children to attend their children’s schools. If advantaged DIRECTOR OF PRODUCTION Jo Arnone PRINT & ONLINE AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Jeson Jackson Casey Shellenberger AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT INTERNS ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER, SALES AND MARKETING Sean Herdman Nicholas D. Hartlep Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations Illinois State University Normal, Ill. Feeding the TestingIndustrial Complex To the Editor: “Testing Group Selects Exam to Gauge ‘College Readiness’ ” (Jan. 9, 2013) announces yet another test to add to the staggering pile of tests our students must take. When will this end? Because there is no evidence that adding more tests helps students, and plenty of evidence that increased testing will be very profitable for those who sell the tests and supply the infrastructure for the required online testing, the obvious answer is that testing fever will end only when the greed of the standardizedtesting-industrial complex is satisfied. In other words, never. Stephen Krashen Professor Emeritus of Education University of Southern California Los Angeles, Calif. RECRUITMENT CLIENT SERVICE MANAGERS Ferzine Esmail, Marla Scher DIGITAL CONTENT SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER Ryan Lanier Lauren Williams, Dennis Zittier families perceive that their school is becoming integrated along lines of race and class, they will simply relocate. Thank you for reporting on public housing’s connection to education, and I hope that policymakers understand that housing is not a panacea for better education. You cannot have one without the other; schools and housing are connected. WHAT DO YOU THINK? MANAGER, ADVERTISING OPERATIONS ADVERTISING PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Kevin Kemp PRODUCTION INTERN Dana Gittings COMMENTARY ONLINE SYSTEMS MANAGER Hunter McCleary TOPSCHOOLJOBS PRODUCT MANAGER Jonathan Rogers ASSISTANT SYSTEMS MANAGER Bill Moyer MARKETING MANAGER Angela Morales EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Shaiy E. Knowles MARKETING ASSOCIATE Amanda Glenn RECEPTIONIST Naomi Cohen n Last week, K-12 leadership experts Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers MARKETING INTERN Trey Owens ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Maria Shaffer launched Leadership 360 on The opinion blog will address the challenges and possibilities for school administrators in the 21st century. VICE PRESIDENT FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Christopher B. Swanson DIRECTOR, EDITORIAL PROJECTS IN EDUCATION RESEARCH CENTER Amy M. Hightower RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE Amy Wickner SENIOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATE Sterling C. Lloyd RESEARCH ASSOCIATE Carrie A. Matthews LIBRARY DIRECTOR Kathryn Dorko RESEARCH ANALYST Hannah Rose Sacks LIBRARY INTERN Holly Peele RESEARCH INTERNS Layla Bonnot, Sean Chalk, Christine Crain DIRECTOR, KNOWLEDGE SERVICES Rachael Delgado PROGRAM ASSOCIATE Tim Ebner EDITORIAL & BUSINESS OFFICES: Website: Read his final post and the complete Sputnik archive. n And, Pedro Noguera wrapped up his stint at Bridging Differences last week, as well. As he heads off for sabbatical in South Africa, Deborah Meier will embark on a new Bridging Differences chapter with thoughtful contributors. 2013 (Quality Counts) issue at $10.00 each, and the March 15, Article reprints: (800) 259-0470 n Meanwhile, blogger Robert Slavin has retired his Sputnik blog. 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Education Week - January 23, 2013
Nation, Districts Step Up Safety
Colleges Overproducing Elementary-Level Teachers
INDUSTRY & INNOVATION: Calif. Districts Link To Push Shared Goals
Loss of Veterans Doesn’t Hurt Scores
News in Brief
Report Roundup
FOCUS ON: CHARTER SCHOOLS: Charters Prepare for the Challenges Of Common Core
Civil Rights Groups: Discipline Excessive In Miss. Schools
Children Still Prefer Print Books to E-Books
Mainstream Video Games Move Into Ed.
Blogs of the Week
Obama Presses School Safety, Mental-Health Efforts
State Data: Use With Caution
State Finance Lawsuits Still Roiling Landscape
Stretched Schools Push to Extend Lifespan Of Books
Policy Brief
STATE OF THE STATES: Vt. Governor Launches Four-Point Education Initiative
State of the States
MARTIN CARNOY & RICHARD ROTHSTEIN: International Tests Reveal Surprises at Home and Abroad
DAVID T. CONLEY: What’s in a Name
ALAN C. JONES: Schools for Other People’s Children
TopSchoolJobs Recruitment Marketplace
PETER GIBBON: A Timeless View of Education From 1899

Education Week - January 23, 2013